Fiscal Focus Workshop 3

New and Aspiring Superintendents and Business Officials 

Fiscal Focus Workshop 3

State Aid – Fiscal Data and Reports – Tax Rate Calculation

This is an important foundation workshop for Superintendents of Schools, Business Administrators, and school administrators seeking to strengthen their fiscal understanding and skills.  Superintendent-Business Administrator teams find this workshop useful.  The workshop focus is on the strategies needed to build and maintain fiscal health and stability in your local school district.  Time is spent on fiscal strategies. Over the past 18 years more than 1,000 superintendents of schools, aspiring superintendents, and business officials have completed this fiscal training.

Fall 2018 Schedule  [Online Registration PENDING]
December 2018
Full-day training at each location – 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM (lunch at 12:00 Noon)
Western New York  Erie 1 BOCES, West Seneca (Buffalo area), NY
Tuesday – December 11, 2018
Central New York – O-C-M BOCES, Syracuse, NY
Wednesday, – December 12, 2018
Eastern New York – Capital Region BOCES, Latham (Albany area), NY
Thursday – December 13, 2018

1: Full day at each location – Lunch provided – 5 CPEs (CPEs for CPAs in New York State.
2: This is a foundation fiscal workshop for new and aspiring school district Superintendents and Business Officials.
3: Superintendent/Business Administrator/Manager teams are welcome and encouraged.
4: Assistant or Associate Superintendents and Principals may want to attend these sessions as part of their growth plan or district succession planning.
5: Business Administrators/ Managers may attend these sessions.
6: Aspiring Superintendents may attend these sessions.
7: We will provide this workshop in your area for a group of 12 or more. Contact us.

For new and aspiring Superintendents of Schools, Business Administrators, and school administrators seeking to strengthen their fiscal understanding and skills.

Why This Workshop is Important
The responsibility for fiscal integrity, oversight, and the safety of school district money rests with the Board of Education, superintendent, and school business official. However, in reality, the superintendent has daily fiduciary oversight as both the representative of the Board of Education and the supervisor of the business administrators and business personnel.  The superintendent must understand what is happening, what is needed, and what can be done, to meet his/her administrative duties and solving the practical problems of control needed to maintain the fiscal health of his/her school district. The superintendent must act knowledgeably so as not to leave the district open to mismanagement and potential fiscal instability.  The reputation of the superintendent and financial health of the school district can ride on good administrative fiscal decisions

SESSION 5 hours
The collection and use of fiscal data
Long range plans
Understanding monthly financial reports
State aid basics
Assessment and equalization
Tax rate calculation and projection

James M. Merrins, Ed.D., SDA, SBA
Jim has 40 years of school administrative experience – 16 years as superintendent of schools in Fredonia and Honeoye, New York. He is currently Executive Program Administrator for the NYSAWA and the School District Internal Auditing Alliance. He administers and/or teaches numerous statewide fiscal workshops for superintendents and experienced school administrators, including Fiscal Navigation for Superintendents, Claims Auditors Training, the Internal Auditors Conference, and The School District Negotiator. Jim is NYS certified as a school business administrator. Dr. Merrins has taught school finance and school law at SUNY colleges.

The cost of the session is $295 for the first participant; and $275 for the second and subsequent participants from the same school district.

Each workshop participant will receive a notebook of workshop-related materials, guides, and reports, including excerpts of relevant laws and regulations; sample language for board policies; and sample forms and templates. Relevant documents are provided on a CD.

Sponsored by the ELI@NYSAWA
Hosted and administered by the Educational Leadership Institute
James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator
New York State Association for Women in Administration

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