The Transition to Superintendency Program is an orientation to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for successful transition into the superintendency. The program has a comprehensive, integrated curriculum consisting of topic sessions. The sessions are coordinated to develop participant familiarity with and understanding of the superintendency. The Transition to Superintendency Program is practical. The eight half day sessions are a reasonable time commitment. Participants get practical advice from successful, experienced superintendent faculty.

The Transition to Superintendency Program is for experienced school administrators preparing to transition to the superintendency and for newly appointed Superintendents of Schools.

  • For experienced school administrators interested in transitioning to Superintendent of Schools
  • New Superintendent Orientation (for the new and newly appointed Superintendent of Schools)
  • Explore the three environments of the superintendency – self, district, and community
  • Understand the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and strategies critical to transition to the Superintendent of Schools

TSP Information [Detailed HERE]

Session Topics [Detailed HERE]

  • Orientation to the Superintendency
  • The Self Environment in Superintendency
  • The Community Environment in Superintendency
  • The District Environment in Superintendency
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in the Superintendency
  • The Superintendency and The Board Of Education
  • The Superintendency and School Finance
  • Transition to the Superintendency

Sponsored and administered by
Educational Leadership Institute

New York State Association for Women in Administration
James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator

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