Managing Situational Conflicts in the School District Environment (online)

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Managing Situational Conflicts
in the School District Environment (online)

Skills and strategies to manage interpersonal conflicts, intimidation, threats, and aggression with members of school district constituencies which may be related to lack of or difficulties with communication, feelings of entitlement, and values or cultural differences.

Schedule, Registration, and Payment [HERE]
One 2.5-hour session, via ZOOM with video
Workshop registrations limited to 25 participants
Additional dates will be added if registrations warrant
In-District presentation available for 12 to 30 participants

This online workshop is for front line staff (secretaries, greeters, guards, etc.), building and district administrators and supervisors (Building Principals or Assistant Principals, Directors, Department Chairs).

Why This Workshop is Important

We are all aware of incidents in our own or neighboring school districts where staff or administrators have been personally confronted with threats, intimidation, or aggression from students, parents, community members and members of other school districts. Responding appropriately in the face of threats or anger is most challenging. Conflict incidents are never easy but they can end with improved outcomes with training and reflection. This is a must-take workshop in the current confrontational environment.

Workshop Topics
> Current public-to-school stressed environment issues
> Recognizing and identifying potential high-risk conflicts
> Understanding yourself and your personality characteristics that can affect how you respond to conflict situations
> General Strategies for addressing high-risk conflicts
> Actions likely to escalate interpersonal conflict
> Skills and strategies to de-escalate interpersonal conflict

Susan Gray, Ph.D.
, Superintendent of Schools (retired), Clinical Psychologist, Ethicist, Culturalist, Playwright

Dr. Sue Gray is an astute observer of conflict interactions and the sub-cultures that guide school district organizations. Dr. Gray is a licensed clinical psychologist. She understands the school and district environments. In her clinical practice she counsels, teaches, and lectures on interpersonal conflict resolution to school district personnel, medical personnel and law enforcement. Dr. Gray will discuss key strategies and skills to successfully manage potential high conflict situations. Dr. Gray started her school administration in special education and school psychology. She has worked as a principal and assistant superintendent of instruction and superintendent of schools in two districts.  Dr. Gray earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and French from the College of Wooster; her doctorate in Educational Psychology from Penn State University; her School Psychologist certification from Alfred University, and her Educational Administration certification from St. Bonaventure University. Before moving to public education administration she was a professor at CCNY, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the school of education. Currently Dr. Gray consults, teaches and facilitates workshops in New York State on school and district culture, ethics in administration and school business, emotional IQ and other topics. She has a private practice in psychology, specializing in crisis therapy.

Dr. Jim Merrins is Executive Program Administrator of Educational Support Services. He hosts and administers numerous statewide webinars for superintendents, and school and district administrators, including the Aspiring Superintendents Workshop Series, Fiscal Navigation for Superintendents, and Claims Auditor Training. Jim has more than 40 years experience in school administration, including 16 years as a Superintendent in Fredonia and Honeoye, New York. Dr. Merrins is NYS certified as a School District Administrator and School Business Administrator. Dr. Merrins taught school finance and school law at SUNY colleges for several years.

The cost of this half-day (2.5-hour) online workshop is $225 for the first participant, plus $195 for each subsequent participants from the same school district.

Each participant will receive workshop-related materials.

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James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator

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