Claims Auditors’ File Cabinet

The knowledge, skills, techniques, and strategies required for successful Claims Auditing in New York State School Districts

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About the School District Internal Auditing Alliance (SDIAA)

Offering training to the claims auditing community in applicable NYS Law, Board of Education policies, internal control components, implementation strategies, and reporting

School District Claims Auditor Training

  • For New School District Claims Auditors, and of interest to Internal Auditors, Accounts Payable Clarks, Business Administrators, District Administrators, and Board of Education Member
  • Half day – Multiple locations – Also as pre-conferences to Internal Auditors Conferences

School District Claims Auditors’ Conferences

  • Strand A
  • Strand B
  • For new and experienced School District Claims Auditors and of interest to Internal Auditors
  • Annual conferences – Full day – Four locations statewide

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