Fiscal Toolbox for NYS School Districts

List of Cost Reduction Strategies (in PDF)

97 pages

Tax Cap Legislation plus other provisions of this law

List of Cost Reduction Strategies (in PDF)

17+ pages

Compiled from a variety of sources
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List of Cost Control Strategies (in PDF)

2 pages

Presented to NYSASBO on November 30, 2011 by
Douglas Burton, Superintendent of Schools, Fort Plain CSD
Kathy Dougherty, Superintendent of Schools, Northville CSD
These suggestions were incorporated into our List of Cost Reduction Strategies

NY Office of the State Comptroller – Local School Accountability

Real Property Tax Cap Information
Multiyear Fiscal Planning Template for School Districts [.xls download]
This template is for school districts that wish to create a simple but effective multiyear plan. It has been optimized for the school accounting format. The template may be modified with additional graphics and detail as needed by the user.

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