The “Super-Woman” Office Professional: Achieving Work-Life Balance (online)

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The “Super-Woman” Office Professional: Achieving Work-Life Balance (online)

This online workshop is designed for all school district office professionals seeking to strengthen their understanding and skills. The workshop is focused on the strategies to build and maintain a profession skill set in the school district office environment.

Schedule, Registration, and Payment [HERE]
One 2-hour session, via ZOOM with video
Workshop registrations limited to 25 participants
Additional dates will be added if registrations warrant
In-District presentation available for 12 or more participants

For district, building and department secretaries, administrative assistants, and office aides and clerks. Office teams will find this workshop useful.

Why This Workshop is Important
School district office professionals work at the intersection of multiple responsibilities, personalities, and daily challenges. This workshop covers both basic knowledge and skills, and advanced techniques and strategies needed for effective management of the office work environment. Educational office professionals are the “face of the school district.” Day-to-day decisions, actions and behaviors insure the smooth operations of various offices within a district. This workshop is structured to provide best practices and practical information for all office professionals. It provides an opportunity for professional growth and professional development. Problem analysis with hands-on examples will be part of this online workshop.

The ‘Super Woman’–Office Professional: Achieving Work-Life Balance
In our busy world of work and home, we can frequently find ourselves overwhelmed by conflicting demands for our time and energy. Do you find yourself in the grocery store at midnight shopping for food for your child’s birthday party tomorrow? Do you find yourself going through the dirty clothes pile for the “cleanest” pair of dirty socks for your child to wear to school tomorrow? In this workshop, we will explore the many demands on us as working office professionals, sharing particular issues at work and at home that create stress and frustration as we attempt to meet our many responsibilities from these two arenas. We will discuss techniques you can use for time management and stress management as a busy office professional.

1. This workshop will begin promptly at 12:30 PM EST and will last 2 hours.
2. Registration is via ZOOM. Attendees will need video (camera) and audio (microphone) for participation.
3. The session provides an opportunity for professional growth and professional development
4. Each attendee must register independently for a ZOOM link

Susan Gray, Ph.D.
, Superintendent of Schools (retired), Clinical Psychologist, Ethicist, Culturalist, Playwright
Dr. Sue Gray is an astute observer of interactions and the sub-cultures that guide school district organizations. Dr. Gray started her school administration in special education and school psychology. She has worked as a principal and assistant superintendent of instruction and superintendent of schools in two districts. Dr. Gray is a licensed clinical psychologist and teaches and counsels on interpersonal skills to school district personnel. Dr. Gray earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and French from the College of Wooster; her doctorate in Educational Psychology from Penn State University; her School Psychologist certification from Alfred University, and her Educational Administration certification from St. Bonaventure University. Before moving to public education administration, she was a professor at CCNY, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the school of education. Currently Dr. Gray consults, teaches, and facilitates workshops in New York State on school and district culture, ethics in administration and school business, Emotional IQ and other topics. She has a private practice in psychology.

James (Jim) M. Merrins, Ed.D., SDA, SBA, Superintendent of Schools (retired)
Dr. Merrins has 40 years of school administrative experience – 16 years as superintendent of schools in Fredonia and Honeoye, New York. He is currently Executive Program Administrator for the School District Internal Auditing Alliance. He administers and/or teaches numerous statewide fiscal workshops for superintendents and experienced school administrators, including Fiscal Navigation for Superintendents, Claims Auditors Training, and School District Extraclassroom Activity Funds. Jim is NYS certified as a school business administrator. Dr. Merrins has taught school finance and school law at SUNY colleges.

The cost of this workshop is $145 for the first participant; $125 for the second participant, and $95 for the third and subsequent participants from the same school district.

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James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator

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