Advanced Claims Auditing – Workshop A

These three claims auditing workshops – A, B, C, are advanced training for school district claims auditing. These half-day workshops meet all board policy training requirements. Topics over these three workshops include most of the complex areas of claims auditing needed to meet NYS accountability legislation and sound fiscal practice. In-depth claims auditing procedures and processes are covered. Workshop A, B, and C, are not sequential, and can be taken in any order.

Schedule and Registration Pending
September 2018
Half-day training – Three Locations – 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM

4 CPEs for CPAs – – 4 CTLE Hours
Mid-Western New York –
Eastern New York –
Long Island New York –

Advanced Workshops B (2018) and C (2019)
Details and presentation schedule pending

1. Half day workshop. 4 CPEs (CPEs for CPAs) – – 4 CTLE Hours (School Administrators)
2. This is one of three workshops providing advanced training, discussion, and advising for school district Claims Auditors, Deputy Claims Auditors, and related personnel functions.
3. We will provide Claims Auditors and Deputy Claims Auditors Training in your area for a group of 12 or more. Contact us.

For school district Claims Auditors and Deputy Claims Auditors, and of interest to Accounts Payable Clerks, Purchasing Agents, Internal Auditors, District Administrators, and Board of Education Members.

Workshop A Topics
The Current Culture of School District Auditing
Analysis of OSC’s Audits Related to Claims Auditing
Legislative Updates
OSC Directives
Attributes of a Professional and Effective Claims Auditor
The Purchasing and Procurement Process Including Piggybacking
Problem Sharing Session
Blanket purchase orders
BOCES invoices
Confirming purchase orders
Payroll issued payments
Warrant/Budget codes
Contractual payments to employees
Transportation – in house or contractual based
Wire Transfers

Experienced claims auditors
James M. Merrins, Ed.D., SDA, SBA
Dr. Jim Merrins is Executive Program Administrator of the Educational Leadership Institute at NYSAWA, and the New York State School District Internal Auditing Alliance (SDIAA). He has trained over 800 claims auditors, deputy claims auditors and business office personnel. He has administered the Claims Auditors Conferences and teaches numerous fiscal workshops for superintendents and school business personnel, including Fiscal Navigation for Superintendents, and Introduction to Extraclassroom Activity Funds trainings. Jim has over 40 years experience in school administration, including 16 years as a Superintendent in Fredonia and Honeoye, New York. Dr. Merrins is NYS certified as a School Business Administrator. Dr. Merrins taught school finance and school law at SUNY colleges for several years.

The cost of this half-day conference is $245 for the first participant, plus $225 for the second and subsequent participants from the same school district or firm.

Each workshop participant will receive a conference-related materials, guides, and reports, including excerpts of relevant laws and regulations; and sample forms and templates. Relevant documents are provided on a CD.

Sponsored by the School District Internal Auditing Alliance
Hosted and administered by the Educational Leadership Institute
at the New York State Association for Women in Administration
James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator

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James Merrins, Ed.D.

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