Career, Application, Interview Coaching, and Ongoing Support

Of importance
1. All coaching is confidential.

2. Coaching is on-time – you can call us days, evenings, and/or weekends when needed.
3. There is no costs for an initial consultation. We only work for you if you feel we can be of help.

Why use confidential coaching?
You may have wondered about paying for confidential career, application, and/or interview coaching. You may have a good reason to seek support, and sometimes more than one reason.
• You may not have an experienced superintendent or colleague you can talk to (colleagues that are new to the superintendency or administration, strained relationships in the district, you want your aspirations kept confidential, etc.)
• You are seeking someone who knows the job market in other parts of the state.
• You want support as you move through the application / interview process.
• You want a second opinion as you move toward a new position.
• You may have an issue in your past that needs to be addressed.
• You want advice on issues as they come up during the application/interview process.
• You want to take a long view on preparation-readiness for an administrative move.

Coaches – Call us direct.

Dr. James (Jim) M. Merrins
42 Rosalyn Court

Fredonia, New York 14063
Phone: 716-672-5473

Dr. William (Bill) D. Silky
P.O. Box 15100
Syracuse, New York 13215
Phone: 315-492-4474

Career Coaching
Sessions include a review of your readiness to assume the next step in your administrative career, timing decisions about applying for a new opportunity, on-going advisement over time, and other coaching services tailored to your specific needs.

Application Coaching
This service provides you with a review of your application, resume, essay (if required), cover letter, and letters of reference.  The goal is to help you make sure your paperwork presents you and your experience in a positive light.

Interview Coaching
Interviewing is a skill and one that can be improved with practice.  This service will focus on how to answer tough questions, dealing with multiple and diverse interview groups, understanding the importance on non-verbal behaviors, entering and exiting the interview session, and many other strategies and techniques to help you hone your interview skills.

Ongoing Support
Moving through the decision and application process of changing jobs can occur quickly or over an extended period of time. Our coaches are committed to on-time support as needed.

$30 per hour

Payment for Coaching [HERE]

Contact James Merrins, Ed.D.
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42 Rosalyn Court, Fredonia, New York 14063
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