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This message board is for New York school district Claims Auditors, Internal Auditors, Student Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurers, and school administrators. To use this message board you must register. Registration includes setting a user name and password. There are several steps to the registration process to protect your privacy, and protect you and the message board from spammers. When registering you will have to verify your e-mail address by responding to an e-mail sent to you (See: “Potential Spam Filter Problem” below). To prevent spammers access to this website you will also need to type in one of those “distorted words” and answer a verification question. These actions defeat computer spam software designed to automatically searching for message boards. If you want further privacy you can change your “Display name” once you have registered.

Organization of The Message Boards
This message board is organized in layers. The general layer is the “Category.” This message board has three categories, Claims Auditors Message Board, Internal Auditors Message Board, and Student Extraclassroom Activity Funds Message Board. Each category is sub-divided into “Forums.” Forums are simple sub-organizations of categories. I create new Forums to keep topics organized. Within forums anyone who is registered (you) can post a Topic. Topics are the items that you post. You can “Start New Topic” anytime you have a question or information you want discussed.
NOTE: Only the Administrator can add a Category or Forum. To request or suggest a new Category or Forum contact me, the Administrator – James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator.

Potential Spam Filter Problem
There is a potential problem when registering with this (or any) message board. Your computer server could read any message from the administrator or the message board as Spam. This means you would not get verification of enrollment, or message confirmations, or notices, etc. After you register with the message board, check your Spam folder (or ask your technician to check you Spam folder) and if necessary add a whitelist rule for the administrator’s e-mail address <> and the message board Domain Name “”

The owner and Administrator of this message board is James M. Merrins, Ed.D. This message board is provided as a service to New York school district Claims Auditors, Internal Auditors, Student Extraclassroom Activity Fund Treasurers, and school administrators. The posts are NOT necessarily the views of the owner/administrator. The owner/administrator reserves the right to edit or delete posts, and restrict or ban members considered inconsistent with the intended use of this message board.

Use of Common Sense in All Online Activities
Even the best privacy policy can’t protect your online privacy in all circumstances. Unscrupulous advertisers, scam artists, and hackers are always searching the internet looking for targets. Your best protection is to understand the limits to privacy on the internet and use common sense in all of your online work.


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