Payroll Clerks Training (Online)

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Payroll Clerks Training (Online)

Schedule, Registration, and Payment
Two 2-hour sessions, via ZOOM with video

This is a foundation workshop that covers the basic knowledge, skills, techniques, and strategies required for the payroll function in school districts. We review applicable Federal and NYS Law, payroll processing items, and implementation strategies. Full participation requires full video (camera) and audio (microphone) via ZOOM throughout the workshop. Participation problems (homework) will be provided prior to the first session.

This is an interactive online workshop is for school district Payroll Clerks, back-up payroll clerks (cross-trained), and other employees interacting with the payroll function. This workshop is of value to benefits specialists, personnel clerks, business officials, and other administrators involved in the human resource function.

Why this Workshop is Important
Payroll Clerks (and related titles) are responsible for accurate salary and payroll related payments for the school district. Their day-to-day decisions ensure smooth on-time payment to employees. This workshop provides best practices and practical information on payroll processes and procedures. We include an overview of the components of payroll with an emphasis on the importance of developing checks and balances, and internal controls. We also provide a review of manual processes related to contractual and hourly salaries, use of payroll calendars, withholdings, and regulatory compliance. We focus on concerns and challenges employees may be experiencing with their payroll processes.

Workshop Topics
Session 1 – Fundamentals
Components of the payroll process
Payroll Clerk position and duties
Internal control components
Implementation strategies – payroll calendars, contractual,
hourly & annualized salaries, stipends and reimbursements

Workshop Topics
Session 2 – Processes
Regulatory compliance
Unique items
Review of OSC Audits
Recognized best practices
Questions and Answers

Kathryn Blackman, CPA
Kathy Blackman has 35 years’ experience in New York public school finance. She is currently the Controller of the Broome Tioga BOCES Central Business Office (2013 to present). At the BOCES CBO she oversees the finances of 15 component school districts and the work of 9 payroll clerks. Immediately prior to her Controller position Kathryn worked 19 years as the school business official in Chenango Forks Central Schools (1995-2013), and again prior, worked ten years as an external auditor. This unique background and perspective has given her insights how different districts structure the accounts payable function for effectiveness and efficiency. Ms. Blackman is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership Program at SUNY Binghamton. She presents fiscal issues and considerations to regional Boards of Education. She regularly conducts training sessions for business office staff and administrators on school finance topics.

James M. Merrins, Ed.D., SDA, SBA
Jim Merrins is Executive Program Administrator of Educational Support Services. He has trained over 1,000 claims auditors, deputy claims auditors and business office personnel. He has administered the Claims Auditors Conferences and teaches numerous fiscal workshops for superintendents and school business personnel, including Fiscal Navigation for Superintendents, and Introduction to Extraclassroom Activity Funds. Jim has over 40 years experience in school administration, including as Superintendent of Schools in Fredonia (12 years) and Honeoye (4 years), New York. Dr. Merrins is NYS certified as a School District Administrator and School Business Administrator. Dr. Merrins taught school finance and school law at SUNY colleges for several years.

The cost of this workshop is $245 for the first participant, plus $225 for the second participant, plus $195 for the third and subsequent participants from the same school district or firm.

Each workshop participant will receive workshop-related materials.

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James M. Merrins, Ed.D., Executive Program Administrator

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