Claims Auditor’s Voucher Packet Tick List

  1. Ascertain sequential checks, note any voids or hand drawn checks.
  2. Is the purchase order (PO) and requisition attached and complete?
  3. Are all applicable signatures noted on the requisition? (Requisitioner, Supervisor, Purchasing Agent)
  4. Is the PO date prior to the invoice date?
  5. Are all applicable signatures noted on the PO (supervisor, A/P, receiving,etc.)
  6. Does the address on the PO match the invoice, receiving report and address on check?
  7. Is the original receipts/invoice attached (not a statement or photocopy)?
  8. Is the invoice approved for payment?
  9. For utilities & insurance, is the District paying for current month only and on original invoice?
  10. Does the amount on the invoice agree to the PO? Was the Bid price billed?
  11. Is the invoice mathematically accurate?
  12. Are all goods/services clearly described on the invoice?
  13. Do the goods/services on the invoice agree to the PO?
  14. Is the invoice properly canceled – stamped PAID, to prevent duplicate payment?
  15. Verify that NYS sales taxes are not being paid.
  16.  Verify that the PO is canceled – stamped completed or still open for back order items.
  17. Verify that the proper budget code is being charged. Know the difference between equipment and supplies.
  18. Are all verbal and written quotes evidenced in package to support vendor choice?
  19. Does purchase adhere to District Purchasing Policy (for proper approval at various thresholds, bid information attached, etc.)?
  20. Is the purchase a reasonable and proper purchase for the District?
  21. Were all goods delivered to a District building and not to a private home?
  22. Does the purchase for services agree to the specific contract?
  23. Blanket Purchase Orders – Do they cover the time period the items were purchased?
  24. Is the person purchasing the items listed as authorized buyer?
  25. If it is a Bid/NYS contract order was freight charged?