Extraclassroom Activity Funds Central Treasurer – Job Description

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[SAMPLE – Should be modified to meet local conditions.]


CERTIFICATION: Civil Service Non-Competitive
SUPERVISOR: Board of Education – annual appointment

The Student Extraclassroom Activity Fund Central Treasurer is responsible for interacting with staff and students in a manner that models and teaches good business practices, and is responsible for the accounting and safe keeping of all Extraclassroom Activity Funds in a manner consistent with New York State established rules, regulations and procedures, Board of Education policies, Administrative Regulations, and in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.

This job shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. The Central Treasurer has responsibility for providing learning experiences to Student Activity Treasurers and direction to Extraclassroom Faculty Advisers in the proper business procedures needed to manage extraclassroom activity funds – safeguarding the collection and deposit of cash, record keeping, and disbursement. The Central Treasurer, along with the Chief Faculty Counselor and Faculty Advisers, shall teach students good business procedures through participation in handling extraclassroom activity funds. The Central Treasurer shall hold annual training sessions on extraclassroom activity fund responsibilities, management, and procedures for new Faculty Advisers and Student Activity Treasurers, and shall as necessary hold additional training to foster or insure the proper management of extraclassroom activity funds.
  2. The Central Treasurer shall have custody of all funds. He/She shall have no part in the approval of payments but shall disburse funds only on the presentation of properly signed duplicate request for payment slips, one of which has an attached original invoice. All disbursements of funds shall be by means of pre-numbered checks. Once payment is made, the Central Treasurer will indicate the check number and date of payment on both payment slips and return the request for payment slip without the invoice to the activity treasurer. The request for payment slip with the original invoice is filed with the current school year’s records.
  3. The Central Treasurer shall make a daily deposit of all funds placed in his/her custody by the end of the business day, delivering it in person or placing in a safe to be delivered by the District designated courier, in a bank designated by the Board of Education. Monies received too late for the daily deposit shall be placed in a safe for safe keeping overnight by the faculty advisor. The activity treasurer will submit to the Central Treasurer, a two part internal deposit slip and a three part bank deposit slip with each deposit. The Central Treasurer will count, verify the deposit and issue a three part pre-numbered receipt.

He/She will then return the original copy of the pre-numbered receipt and return one internal deposit ticket to the activity treasurer for posting. The remaining internal deposit ticket will be filed with:

  1. The second copy of the pre-numbered receipt.
  2. A copy of the bank deposit slip.
  3. The customers receipt issued by the bank.
  1. The third copy of the pre-numbered receipt will be kept numerically by fiscal year for audit purposes.
  2. The Central Treasurer shall maintain an account listing the receipts and expenditures of each individual activity and post a register of all the receipts and disbursements of the combined pupil organization on the proper ledger forms prescribed by the District Treasurer.
  3. The Central Treasurer shall receive and reconcile the bank statements monthly to insure agreement with the account balance. Monthly reports will be submitted to the Faculty Auditor. Quarterly reports will be submitted to the Board of Education. Annually reports will be submitted to the Independent Auditor designated by the Board of Education. These reports should show opening balances, receipts for the period, disbursements for the period and the ending balances for each organization.
  4. When deposits that contain collected sales tax are received by the Central Treasurer, he/she will verify that the amount collected is correct. The issued pre-numbered receipt will indicate the total amount received and the amount of the deposit that represents sales tax. When the deposit is posted in the Extraclassroom Activity Ledger, the amount of collected sales tax will be deposited in a reserve for sales tax account. The Central Treasurer will then disburse the sales tax to the State as required using the appropriate forms.