Educational Leadership Institute (ELI)

The New York State

Educational Leadership Institute

Hosted and administered by the
New York State Association for Women in Administration (NYSAWA)

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The Educational Leadership Institute (ELI) was established in 2008 as a statewide provider of high quality professional development programs to serve the PreK-12 academic community in New York. The ELI is the professional development arm of the New York State Association for Women in Administration. The ELI offers programs, workshops, and conferences designed to train and support educational administrators and school district officials. The efforts of the ELI focus on contemporary issues affecting the policies and practices of PreK-12 educational institutions, including their implications for strategic planning, organizational development, and leadership decision making. Several programs are operational including the: 4-day Transition to Superintendency Program; 3-day workshop Fiscal Navigation for Superintendents; and The School District Negotiator. The ELI @ NYSAWA hosts and administers the School District Internal Auditing Alliance (SDIAA), and its statewide Claims Auditor Training workshops, Claims Auditors Conferences, and annual Internal Auditors Conference. Programs are offered at statewide locations. James M. Merrins, Ed.D. (Indiana University, ’79) is the Executive Program Administrator for the Educational Leadership Institute.

The ELI is a primary responder to the evolving educational development needs of educational leaders and the school community. The ELI offers a wide variety of leadership and skill development programs to the following school district officers and administrators:
Superintendents of Schools
Central Office Administrators and Staff
Building Administrators, Program Directors, and Program Coordinators
Business Administrators, Businesses Managers, Business Office Personnel
District Treasurers,
Accounts Payable Clerks,
Boards of Education and their members,
Audit Committees and their members,
School District Internal Auditors, and
School District Claims Auditors.

Contact for ELI @ NYSAWA
Dr. James M. Merrins, Executive Program Administrator
42 Rosalyn Court, Fredonia, NY 14063
Office 716-672-5473 FAX 716-672-5472