School District Internal Auditing Alliance (SDIAA)

The New York State

School District Internal Auditing Alliance (SDIAA)

An independent group of School District Internal Auditors, School District Claim Auditors, School District Audit Committee Members, and school administrators working to provide understanding, technical training (knowledge, skills, techniques, and strategies), and support in the professional community of internal auditing.

SDIAA Advisory Board Members

School District Internal Auditors Conference – 7.0 to 18 CPE Credits
Full day conference

School District Claims Auditor and Deputy Claims Auditor Training – 3 CPE Credits
Half-day train in NYS regions

School District Claims Auditors Conferences – Strands A and B – 7.5 to 8.5 CPE Credits
Full day conferences

This is an independent group of auditing professionals hosted by the Educational Leadership Institute, SUNY Oswego, not affiliated with any federal, state, or local government, or any other professional organization or society.

Contact James Merrins, Ed.D.
Executive Program Administrator
42 Rosalyn Court, Fredonia, New York 14063
(716) 672-5473, FAX (716) 672-5472,